A Business Owners’ Guide to Understanding Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Almost every business now relies on a stable flow of power in order to keep up productivity and deliver services and products. When power is lost, massive amounts of work will be lost, particularly troubling if you work with sensitive data, as well as some companies having to consider the very possible chance of injury, company damage and even loss of life. All of this can be avoided by investing in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), giving your business the power it needs to stay on track.


So, what are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)?

A USP allows you to completely forget about power interruptions, outages or surges. Increasingly important as the world relies on ever more data, UPS provide your systems with a stable power supply to keep everything running.

Depending on your needs, your UPS may be a small box that sits on your desk and gives you enough time to save your work and safely shut down your computer, or it may be a megawatt behemoth tasked with maintaining power to a hospital. UPSs may either have single or triple-phase configuration and can be powered by a number of different batteries or fuels.


The different purposes of UPS

Smaller UPS tend to be powered by batteries, with larger commercial models powered by fuel. Either way, UPS serve four different purposes:

  • Protecting your business from power interruptions
  • Provide enough short-term power for you to switch to your back-up supply
  • Make sure the quality of power from the UPS is dependable
  • Include additional power sources, such as generators, in case you suffer a longer-term power outage


Different types of UPS systems

  • Line-interactive UPS systems – If you need superior filtering, this is the UPS for you. The battery and inverter are permanently connected to the output. If your power fails, it instantly switches the electrical flow.
  • Stand-by UPS systems – Also known as a line-preferred UPS or an offline UPS, they contain a battery, an inverter, low-pass filter, static switch and a surge suppressor. Unless your primary power suffers a failure, the stand-by UPS system will remain on stand-by.
  • Double conversion UPS systems – If your business needs an undetectable switch in power, the double conversion UPS system is perfect. The input AC charges the back-up battery and powers the output inverter.

You can achieve consistent and reliable electricity all year round with no down-time by selecting the correct UPS for your needs.


Specialised UPS types

Depending on which industry or sector you’re in, you may need a UPS designed to perform well in a specific set of environmental factors, such as:

  • Communication centres – including server forms, you can find UPS designed to be used for this purpose.
  • High temperature – If your UPS is based in a hot environment, finding one specifically designed to withstand warmer temperatures will avoid damage to the UPS.
  • Industrial – These UPS are designed to maintain functionality in factories and plants.


How do UPS work?

Different types of Ups operate differently, but they all store power and provide it whenever you need it. When even a second’s glitch could lose hours of production, lose sensitive data and fry your systems, you’re taking a significant risk by not investing in a USP.

We would recommend that you contact the experts at Cetronic to determine what you need from your USP. Our engineers will carry out the necessary calculations to ensure all the components of your UPS are fit for purpose.


Ensure your business is safe with a suitable UPS system

If you’re looking for a proven way to ensure your systems and machinery has a stable and constant supply of power. At Cetronic, our professional team have the experience and qualifications necessary to find you a UPS system that works perfectly for your needs. UPS may seem like an expensive investment, but the knowledge that you won’t lose time, production and profit do to a momentary power surge, spike or outage is definitely worth every single penny.


Why not take a look at the range of UPS we have at Cetronic? For more information about our UPS or to find out which UPS would meet your businesses’ specifications, talk to a member of our friendly team and call +44 (0)1920 871077 today.

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