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Product Of The Month: Power Monitoring


Power Monitoring Surveys

Power problems? Are you concerned you may have an irregularity with your electrical supply causing machine or equipment malfunctions?

High electricity bills or looking to install some new equipment on your electricity supply? Would you like to know how much power you are consuming or how much spare capacity you have?

Are your cables warm or hot to touch? Burnt out neutrals? This may be due to high harmonic current, leading to unfavourable distortion to the voltage waveshape.

Cetronic can offer you a service to monitor the graphical power consumption (load profile), harmonic and disturbance analysis.
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Product Of The Month: External Manual Bypass Switch

embsExternal Manual Bypass Switch

An external manual bypass switch enables an uninterruptible power supply system to be locally isolated for maintenance or replaced without any disruption to the load.

If the external manual bypass switch (EMBS) is supplied with or before the UPS system, it enables the electricians to complete all of the ac cabling and turn the load on. Then, when it comes to installing the UPS system, we can connect the UPS to the EMBS, and once the UPS system is turned on, we can seamlessly switch the load from the mains to UPS, without any interruption.
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Product Of The Month: Constant Voltage Transformers

rsz_1constant_voltage_transformer_burnedConstant Voltage Transformer – 500iS/50Hz

Constant voltage transformers (CVT’s) use the ferro-resonant principle to provide a stable output voltage free from impulses, spikes and harmonics. They have an extremely rugged and robust design and are particularly suited to harsh environments. Requiring little or no maintenance the CVT is an ideal solution for the protection of voltage sensitive equipment in industrial applications.
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Maintenance engineers want Modular UPS systems

Premium Mod HPDuring a recent site visit to provide a planned preventative maintenance (PPM), one of our engineers was drawn into a discussion about the customers existing UPS system and what features the on-site maintenance engineers would like to see in the future. They said they would like to convert to a modular UPS system, so that it is easily maintainable by themselves, and that if there ever was a problem with the UPS system, this could most probably be solved by the on-call engineer; simply swapping a faulty power module with a replacement from the on-site spares kit.
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