Factory Acceptance Tests

Premium Mod HP

Over the past few years, we have been performing Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) for a multi-site, multinational electricity and gas utility company, the most recent being just last month.

These tests take place at our works prior to installation of the equipment onsite. The FAT ensures that the equipment meets the specification set by the manufacturer and customer. Serial numbers, labelling and test results are logged, certificates of conformity are provided and form part of the installation documentation.

The FAT process provides proof to the client that the system will perform as expected when installed onsite and that labelling meets the requirements. For our latest FAT, we had two systems to build and test, both systems were similar and were ultimately destined for installation on the same site. A full battery discharge test is performed and individual battery voltages noted.

This build included a Premium Mod HP, with multiple 5kVA power modules to give redundancy; an external manual bypass switch;  battery fuses/isolation switch; a battery string voltage segregation switch and 125Ah front access 10 year design life, flame retardant batteries housed in a cladded battery stand.

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