LV Switchgear and electrical installation

Cetronic Power Solutions offer a comprehensive installation service for your UPS system or other power protection system.

Our service covers the entire system, including the generator and manual bypass control panels and comes complete with all the necessary switchgear and distribution panels for both new and existing systems.

Functions of LV switchgear

  • Electrical protection
  • Safe isolation from live parts
  • Control with local/remote switching

There are a number of switchgear combinations that are tried and compared against each other to find what is best suited for your site, in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Compatibility with other individual items
  • Compatibility with upstream switchgear
  • Conforming with all the regulations and specifications for safe and reliable performance

That’s why, at Cetronic Power Solutions, we run a site survey to offer an accurate quotation, and try and test all of our products prior to despatch and installation.

Get in touch

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Some examples of our work include:

200kVA parallel redundant UPS system complete with bypass control panel with 2 outputs for distribution boards. Including all electrical installation work.









40kVA UPS with an external manual bypass switch and output distribution including RCBO’s.









Castell interlocked manual bypass switches to ensure correct switching operation of the external manual bypass switch.