Power Quality Monitoring Surveys UK

power-monitoring-surveysHaving nearly 50 years of experience in supplying and servicing UPS products and advising on electrical power conditioning, we also provide premier power monitoring surveys across the UK.

We customise every survey to your requirements, whether you are in the industrial, commercial, data/telecoms, security or manufacturing industries. Our vast knowledge and focus on customer satisfaction means this service is second-to-none, so you are provided with the information required to make informed decisions.

Our power monitoring surveys give you the information you need to choose the correct improvement solution, by analysing:

  • Power consumption/Load profile – Volts, amps, W, VA & PF
  • Power harmonic content – perioidic spapshots of waveforms with analysis up to the 50th harmonic for both voltage and current.
  • Voltage disturbances – impulses/spikes, voltage dips and surges, RMS voltage and current, waveshape faults

What does the survey involve?

A Cetronic engineer will visit your site to install a data collecting instrument that is best suited to your requirements. Monitoring will take place for the specified time, then the instrument will be removed and a thorough report will becreated. This report will show a graphical analysis of your electrical power. We can also offer tailored solutions for reducing voltage disturbance and harmonics.

See the report examples below, which we can readily explain to you.

To request a quote for a power quality monitoring survey, or to ask any questions about the survey itself, call 01920 871077.