Product Of The Month: Premium SE Pro

premiumseproPremium SE Pro

The Premium SE Pro is a single-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply, ranging from sizes 700VA to 3000VA. The Premium SE Pro uses on-line double conversion technology, which provides exceptionally high levels of reliability and maximum protection for critical loads.

The front display panel has an LCD display that shows the input and output voltages, battery readings and UPS operating status.

It has flexible operating modes which can be programmed according to the users requirements, which can be used to reduce energy consumption. The operating modes are:

  • On line  – the default, and most commonly used mode, which provides maximum load protection and output voltage waveform quality.
  • Economy Mode – the UPS uses line-interactive technology, which has the load being powered from the mains, reducing consumption and therefore improving efficiency (up to 98%)
  • Smart Active Mode – the UPS automatically selects on-line or line-interactive operation, depending on the quality of the mains supply.
  • Stand-by Off (emergency) – the UPS only supplies the load when the mains fails. The inverter begins working with a progressive start-up sequence to prevent inrush currents.

The Premium SE Pro’s runtime can be easily increased with the addition of optional battery extension packs. The range also includes ER versions which doesn’t have any internal batteries, but has more powerful battery chargers for longer runtimes.


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