Royal Marsden Hospital

For the Royal Marsden Hospital, we had two sites to install our UPS, a parallel UPS system with additional batteries at Downs Road, Sutton and a single UPS with additional batteries at Fulham Road, Chelsea.

For the new computer room at the Sutton site, we provided:

  • 2x 160kVA Master Plus UPS’s running in parallel
  • Allocated space within battery room was limited, therefore 12 year design life, front access sealed lead acid batteries used to provide 20 minutes autonomy for each UPS at full load or 50 minutes at half load.
  • Batteries located on open racks within a dedicated battery room.

A Hiab was required to due the location being in the basement.

Cetronic are extremely flexible with regard to battery type and housing arrangements. Batteries can be accommodated in matching battery enclosures, cladded battery stands or on open battery racks.

On raised computer floors, battery stands/racks can be fitted with leg extensions, so that the weight is borne by the concrete floor.

For the new computer room at the Chelsea site, we provided:

  • Single 80kVA AMM (Multi-Module) UPS
  • 10 year design life sealed lead acid batteries used to provide 60 minutes autonomy at full load, house in a cladded rack

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