Static Bypass Switches

In cases of high inrush or fault conditions, static bypass switches are essential to bypass the normal operation of your UPS, offering a layer of isolation for safety and service purposes. At Cetronic, our static bypass switches enable a number of such operations to be safely carried out, without causing any loss of power to the load.

Our static bypass/transfer switches have single or three phase outputs, suitable for use with either two synchronised and non-synchronised input power sources, and the transfer switch provides a single output to the critical load.

High quality static bypass switches from Cetronic

At Cetronic, our series of static transfer switches have the ability to operate with the default source selected as either A or B to feed the critical load. In cases where the selected source of the load fails, this is instantly transferred to the alternative source.

Static transfer switches to meet your needs

We have a range of sizes available from 10A to 400A, and we also provide a manual wrap around bypass switch with larger models. Our three phase units all feature a power flow status mimic panel and an LCD screen, allowing you to easily view metering and alarm information.

We understand that choosing the right static bypass switch for your needs can be difficult and confusing. For more information about our range of static bypass switches, contact one of our expert engineers by calling 01920 871 077 or emailing today.

Single Phase Static Bypass Switches

Multi Switch 16A Multi Switch ATS 16A Master Switch STS 32A-63A-120A

Three Phase Static Bypass Switches

 Master Switch STS 100A – 600A