Electrical Power Transformers


Cetronic have a wealth of experience designing and manufacturing electrical power transformers and wound components that both meet customer requirements and conform to all relevant British and/or international standards.

Our UPS Power Quality Systems range covers everything from 50VA control panel transformers, to large 3000KVA power units. Depending on customer specifications, we can manufacture our electrical power transformers to be air/fluid cooled or cast resin, open or enclosed.

We utilise Class “A, E, B, F, H & C” insulation systems during our design and manufacturing process to ensure you receive nothing but the highest levels of performance from your transformer.


Electrical power transformers to meet your specifications

Cetronic’s sales personnel are on hand to work with you and offer a competitively priced quality electrical power transformer or choke. Depending on the size and quantity of your order, we will usually dispatch your order within 5-7 working days.

All our transformer units can be fitted with a wide range of accessories and be supplied in metal enclosures. We also offer our transformers in various IP ratings and colour choices, depending on your specifications.


Available electrical power transformer types from Cetronic

  • Auto-wound
  • Double wound
  • Phase shifting

Information we need to offer an accurate quote

  • Input voltage. Number of phases and frequency
  • Output voltage, number of phases and frequency
  • Open transformer or enclosed
  • Any physical size, duty cycle or temperature considerations we need to take into account


For qualified advice about purchasing electrical power transformers and a highly competitive quote, call our sales team now on +44 (0)1920 871077.