Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) UK

Choose from our broad range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), from specialist leading brands such as Riello UPS and Alpha Technologies. With off-line, line interactive and on-line technology, transformer based or transformerless designs, there is a UPS system to suit the electrical power requirements specifiedby a huge range of industries.

We stock 400VA to 8MVA as a single system, which can be parallel connected for an N+1 solution up to 6,400KVA. Our experienced, knowledgeable team can also advise you on ordering a modular UPS system for greater versatility.

Our UPS products are supplied to numerous end users, electrical contractors and wholesalers across the UK. Give us a call on 01920 871077 for a quick, clear answer to any of your questions regarding our range or your specific requirements.


Line Interactive Technology

Single Phase Input/Single Phase Output

idialog1-300x297 Net-Power-300x248
iDialog (400 – 1600VA) iDialog Rack (600 – 1200VA) Net Power (600 – 2000VA)
Vision-Riello-UPS-300x252 Vision-Dual-Riello-UPS-300x277
Vision (800 – 2200VA) Vision Dual (1100 – 3000VA) Vision Rack (800 – 1100VA)


On-Line Technology

Single Phase Input/Single Phase Output

Sentinel-Pro-Riello-UPS-300x292 Sentinel-Dual-Low-Power-300x293 Sentinel-Dual-High-Power-300x247
Sentinel Pro (700 – 3000VA) Sentinel Dual (Low Power) (1 – 3KVA) Sentinel Dual (High Power) (3.3 – 10KVA)
Premium-Power-Riello-UPS-300x294 Sentinel-Power-Green-Riello-UPS-267x300 Multi-Sentry-Riello-UPS-300x277
Sentinel Power (5 – 10KVA) Sentinel Power Green (6 – 20KVA) Multi Sentry (10 – 20KVA)


Three Phase Input/Single Phase Output

Sentinel-Dual-High-Power-300x247 Premium-Power-Riello-UPS-300x294 Multi-Sentry-Riello-UPS-300x277
Sentinel Dual (High Power) (6.5 – 10KVA) Sentinel Power (6.5 – 10KVA) Multi Sentry (10 – 20KVA)
Sentinel-Power-Green-Riello-UPS-267x300 Untitled 2
Sentinel Power Green (8 – 20KVA) Master MPS (10 – 100KVA)


Three Phase Input/Three Phase Output

Multi-Sentry-Riello-UPS-300x277 Untitled 2 Master-HP-268x300
Multi Sentry (10 – 200KVA) Master MPS (10 – 200KVA) Master HP (100 – 600KVA)